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Summertime means endless adventures

Imagination and adventure await your child in our camp program. We offer both indoor and outdoor activities to provide children with vast opportunities for learning and exploration. Our camps provide unique learning experiences including special visitors, field trips and hands-on projects while fostering growing friendships.

Program Highlights

Our summer program offers a diverse range of activities aimed at fostering a holistic development experience for children. Weekly field trips and special guest visitors are integral components, providing youngsters with a wide variety of experiences. These excursions are tailored to be age-appropriate, ensuring that both older and younger children can maximize their enjoyment. Engaging in outdoor activities during these trips not only enhances gross motor skills but also allows children to explore and discover their interests. This unique blend of experiences contributes to the overall goal of our program—to create an environment where children can learn independence and self-awareness. We invite you to enhance your child’s summer by encouraging them to visit one of our summer camps, where these enriching activities come to life.


A group of children playing with a colorful parachute in a park.

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